This spring, I remodeled the entire kitchen.  The basic layout was kept in tact, but virtually everything was redone.  The wood floor was ripped up, underlayment put down followed by a tumbled stone grouted with off white, which was also done in the entry hall.  New baseboard trim was put all around.  The cabinets were stripped and then refinished with a light green stain and 3-4 layers of polyurethane.  New cabinets for under the center island were given the same treatment.  The hinges and handles were swapped out for nicer hardware.  The sink and faucet were replaced and the counter tops were replaced with a custom granite.  All the appliances were also replaced.  The backsplash was tiled with a 4” version of the floor tumbled stone.  All the work was done by me, except the countertops which were completed by a contractor, saving many thousands.  It truly is amazing what you can accomplish if you just try.  It is now a designers dream kitchen, so I thought I’d post some before/after pictures.


Kitchen Remodel

April 22, 2005