We spent 6 days in Zanzibar at luxury Ocean Paradise Resort.  When we arrived we were given a cool towel to wash and tropical cocktails.  We got settled in the room and then went out for drinks by the pool.  We arranged massages for the next day and looked at tours that were offered.  In the end we decided not to do any of the tours and go out on our own.  Dinner was buffet by the pool.  We got a bottle of wine.  I especially enjoyed the chocolate ice cream for dessert each evening.


On the second day we ate buffet breakfast, got our massages explored the resort and just lazed around relaxing in the hammocks.  We deserved it, after all we just climbed Kilimanjaro.  After dinner, we put a plate of snacks together to bring back to the room.  It was such a great idea that we did it every night after.


On day three we needed to do something physical, so after breakfast we embarked on a walk North up the beach, we went for miles.  We did not stop at the local IKEA.  When we were approaching the end of the beach we found a nice resort and dined on giant shrimps, hamburgers and meat samosas.  This became our favorite fare.  On our way back we came across a soccer game with dozens of local children.  We got back to the resort just as the sun was setting.  We went in and showered for another great dinner.


On day four we went sea kayaking.  We were hit by storm showers a couple of times while we were out.  We didn’t care.  We went pretty far out, but I complained that my kayak was sinking.  Sunn said “no its not and stop being a little girl”.  On the way back to shore I couldn’t keep up with Sunn, she said I wasn’t doing it right that I needed to put less effort into it.  I wasn’t going anywhere.  As we were getting back to shore, my kayak flipped due to the water it had taken on.  Sunn said that I didn’t know what I was doing and we should switch kayaks.  We did and immediately she flipped too.  The kayak was indeed sinking.  We are lucky we weren’t out at the reef (about a mile out).  This became a joke for us the rest of the trip.


On day 5 after breakfast we went for another kayak, this time asking for one that didn’t leak.   We went all the way out to the reef (1mi), then down the beach to the pier (1mi), and then back along the beach (1mi).  This time it was Sunn’s kayak that was sinking.  When we got back I dragged it up on the beach and could not pick it up.  I pulled the drain plug and watched water erupt out from the pressure within.  I asked the kayak guy why he would give us boats that leak.  He told us most people take them out for 10-15 minutes, not for 2 or 3 hours like we did.  Later in the day we walked down to the pier and back.


On the last day, we spent some time by the pool before a quick pack and shower and then we were off to the airport.  The flight was long but otherwise was fine.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The value of our life is not solely measured by its length, but also by the depth of our hearts.

And breadth of our experiences.  And indeed the heights that we achieve. 

June 14, 2009