I came from Kosciuszko to Sydney a day early and was able to check in to a room at the same hotel.  I did all my laundry including tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag, etc as New Zealand would require all camping gear to be perfectly clean.  I went out in the city to get dinner and a few beers.


November 20 was a free day for me so I walked around the city, harbor, Opera House, Botanical Gardens, Parliament House and then back around the harbor (where I listened to some modernized Aboriginal music, bought a CD and had my picture taken with an aborigine) and across the bridge.  The Opera House certainly dominates Sydney and the bridge comes in a distant second but still outshines the skyline.  I got a few souvenirs and went searching for lunch and beers around 1pm.  They pour a perfect Guinness with clover signature in the head in Sydney.  I went to bed early, tomorrow was a big day.


November 21 I got up early and walked back to the harbor to catch a ferry to the Taronga Zoo.  More pictures of the Opera House on the trip across the harbor.  I had bought and reserved a spot on the Australia Experience Tour which included getting right in the cages with the animals.  Photo opportunities were numerous and those with normal zoo passes seemed a bit put off by our advantage.  We also got a chance to feed many of the animals including a possum that ate on my shoulder.  This is a fantastic, informative tour that I recommend highly for those who desire more than the normal zoo fare of peering into cages at distant animals.  After the tour and lunch I roamed the zoo and listened to talks on chimpanzee, giraffe and Kodiak bear.  I got some great penguin pictures, but the penguin show had been temporarily cancelled.  After a very nice bird show I hurriedly went back to the ferry, across to the harbor and up to the base of the bridge where I checked in for my scheduled Bridge Climb.  We watched a “what you need to know about the bridge climb” movie, signed a release, took a breathalyzer, put on our bridge climbing clothes and went through a metal detector.  Finally being cleared to climb we put on our climbing harness, took a bit of training and were off.  From the top of the bridge there were beautiful views of the city, harbor and especially the Opera House.  Exhilarating.  I took a shower before going out for a nice dinner to top off my Sydney experience.  Tomorrow I fly to New Zealand.


Sydney, Australia

November 19, 2007

The value of our life is not solely measured by its length, but also by the depth of our hearts.

And breadth of our experiences.  And indeed the heights that we achieve.