I bought a raffle ticket from Nichole and won 4 VIP tickets to the Regis and Kelly show.  I took Nichole and her husband John, one ticket wasted.  I went to Cape May on Wednesday April 13 and stayed with Nichole and John with their beautiful kids Olivia and Ryann.  We went to New York the next day.  A flat tire on the way without a tire iron made things interesting.  We stayed at the beautiful Sherry Netherland right on the corner of Central Park right next to the Apple store thanks to our good friend Theresa.  We spent the afternoon shopping and drinking.  The NFL was having its draft at the Radio City Music Hall.  We ended up at some bars near Times Square.  John got us a Rickshaw to take us back to the hotel.

The morning of April 15th we went to the Regis and Kelly show where they were covering the wedding of Prince William to Kate.  Other guests were Eva LaRue and Finola Hughes.  We had lunch on a pier in the financial district and passed the new tower construction and the Statue of Liberty on the way out of New York.

I spent another night drinking with John in Cape May and meeting some very random girl.  On Saturday, I opened my parents beach house for them and returned on Sunday. 

(To all those that commented on this, I did not hook up with a random girl, rather I met a girl who had a random intellectual quality.)

New York, New York

April 15, 2011

The value of our life is not solely measured by its length, but also by the depth of our hearts.

And breadth of our experiences.  And indeed the heights that we achieve.