As soon as I got back from the last cruise I wanted to go on one with Jessica, so we booked one immediately, this time on Carnival which I prefer.  As the cruise was approaching I had other ideas and was lucky to get the diamond and setting the day before we departed.

As soon as we arrived to the ship we settled into some tanning chairs on the back adults deck.  We took a break for a couples massage to get into the cruise mood.

In St Thomas we went Kayaking, hiking and snorkeling.  An awesome excursion that had us laughing.  After lunch on ship we went out to see the butterfly farm that was a short walk from the pier but it has been closed.  So we stopped at a pier bar and drank some local beers.

On July 4th we had a day at sea and relaxed on the back adults deck.  For a while we went amidship where there was a lot of music and partying but a couple hours of that was enough and we ended up on the back adults deck again.  This was the first formal night for dinner and we dressed nicely.  We were ready early, I told Jessica that this was for formal pictures.  We went up on the front deck where I proposed.  I had not even dropped fully to one knee when she said yes.  I touched my knee to the ground just to make it official.  We did use the photographers at this point to take our engagement photos.  We had a romantic dinner at a private table.  Later in the evening we had a little fun with the comedian who gave Jessica some fantastic marriage advice.

In Barbados we went on a 5 star catamaran and snorkel with turtles.  This had a nice lunch and plenty of drinks.

In St Lucia we went zip-lining.  This one got our heart rate up and we had a lot of fun.  The photographer missed taking our pictures on the last, biggest zip and so we had to go back and do it again.

In St Kitts we ran straight to the chocolatier but it was closed.  Someone opened it up just for us.  We got our chocolates, ran them back to the room and then met our excursion.  We went on the catamaran Fan-ta-Sea to Nevis.  There was snorkeling, lunch and drinking. 

In St Maarten in the morning we went horseback riding.  Jessica’s horse tried to kill her.  When we got back to the pier we didn’t have a lot of time so we ordered some food from one of the bars, changed into swimsuits, ate lunch and then joined our afternoon tour.  This was the Golden Eagle catamaran and snorkel.  What a fantastic day.

Back in Puerto Rico we did the rainforest tour before boarding our plane.  Jessica really enjoyed this excursion.

When our plane landed back home we posted one of the engagement photos without any description and it took less then a minute before people were commenting about the ring.

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Caribbean Cruise and Engagement

The value of our life is not solely measured by its length, but also by the depth of our hearts.

And breadth of our experiences.  And indeed the heights that we achieve.

July 2, 2017