At the end of the year I had a surplus of vacation and had to use it or lose it.  I took a quick getaway to Aruba for 12 days.  I just wanted to run, workout, read and relax.  This was not a very exciting or exotic trip but I got what I set out for. 

Twice I went in the early morning to the nearby Butterfly Farm with my macro lens and spent about 8 hours total taking over 600 pictures.   Butterflies are a challenge as they are usually moving and timid, you need to get in close and be very steady and patient.  Some are easier than others and some get used to you, however some never stop moving.  Getting close limits depth of field even more so I was mostly f/8-f/11 (some a stop to each side) and required ISO 6400 to get shots that were sometimes still not faster than 1/100.  Getting angles you want is also tough because you must stay on the path.  I was pretty pleased with the outcome and am presenting my favorites here.  As always I try to get it right in camera so less than 10% of these required any cropping.  I hope you enjoy them.


The value of our life is not solely measured by its length, but also by the depth of our hearts.

And breadth of our experiences.  And indeed the heights that we achieve.

December 11, 2016